August 26, 2007 – Welcome to my first online drive-by.

Expect them almost daily, along with some video commentaries. 

First up, what’s up with this?

I’m surprised even the media watchers here in the US didn’t point out this hilarious cock-up — the nametag mix-up for the Mexican and Canadian leaders.  Maybe the Mexican prez just looks more “French”?

Canadian PM Harper actually looks like a Bob’s Big Boy Employee Of The Month.  He could use this guy’s help to ditch the double-chinnage (click on “portfolio” to see how your favourite celebs get airbrushed). 

I bet they could have used pics of Vicente Fox and Pierre Trudeau and no one would have noticed. 

Here’s how the same team might have captioned the photo below.

President Bush meets with head of local cab drivers union

It’s actually Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, but whatever.

 Incidentally, when speaking on TV about a murdered Pakistani cricket coach, I once said:  “Maybe [Pakistani cricket fans] should focus less on cricket and a little more on hygiene.” 

The people who were outraged by that remark are the same ones who beak off about the lack of clean water and sanitation in places like Pakistan.  I guess I need to say it with a donation box around my neck next time to make it okay.


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