August 29, 2007 – Next time, get a room, cheapo.

The guy on the left is US Senator Larry Craig (R-ID), who just pleaded guilty to “disorderly conduct” in an airport bathroom.  When I think of “disorderly conduct” in a bathroom, walking out with your fly undone comes to mind.  But Larry here allegedly gave gay hand signals (I thought those were trademarked by Major League Baseball) under the stall to an undercover cop.

Next time your flight’s delayed Larry, try reading a newspaper or having some Starbucks instead of cruising for dudes.

In the above pic, Larry poses with Ronald Reagan, who once said that he doesn’t care what two consenting adults do, as long as they don’t do it in public and scare the horses.

Sounds like Larry should have taken that advice.  I’m a conservative and, really, I don’t care who people screw.  Like Reagan, I just have a problem with them doing it in front of me, or doing it at work in a taxpayer-funded office (like Bill Clinton).  I’m sure Larry makes enough on his congressional salary to spring for a Motel 6.

Here’s Larry’s booking photo.  Why would he want to mess up such a nice suit?  Not exactly the proper attire for “bathroom cubicle aerobics”.  Or did they just let him change first?


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