August 30, 2007 – Happy 2nd birthday to Katrina and the Waves!

Whoops.  Wrong pic.  Here:

Celebrating birthdays for massive disasters is a good idea because it reminds us of things to watch out for — specifically electing liberals to govern at the state and municipal levels.  When you take a city already gone to hell and stir in a natural disaster, OF COURSE you’re going to get pandemonium.

Every TV network showed how New Orleans is rebuilding, people are putting up new homes, etc.  How nice.  And how freaking idiotic.  I think God probably considered Katrina “fair warning” (not that I’m his spokeschick or anything).  Isn’t the definition of stupidity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

And there were 11 murders last week in New Orleans.  Proof that cockroaches will survive any disaster.

Anyway, happy birthday, Katrina.  May the citizens of the Big Easy who insist on staying put AND re-electing libtards to run the show have as many lives as this birthday boy:


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