August 31, 2007 – Writing from the airport, as I head out for the long weekend.

I’d better hurry…my plane leaves in half an hour.  Oh yeah…I’m at JFK Airport…meaning that the likelihood that my flight will be delayed by 2 or more hours is about 95.67%.  As Truman Capote would say, I know that theory is true because I’ve tested it myself.

So this guy Tim Robbins, who played the President in Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me, is sounding off on US foreign policy.  The Weekly Standard reports that Robbins (aka Mr. Susan Sarandon), is speaking about Iraq, saying that the US has “killed over 400,000 of their citizens.”

A little over the top — even by wingnut standards.  Although personally, I’d have no problem if the US killed 400,000 scumbags in Iraq.  The more, the better.  Want our troops home sooner, Timmy?  BAM!  We gotta kick it up a notch.

If he’s referring to the collateral deaths of “innocent” civilians doing hanging out in a place where they can get so easily mistaken for terrorists, what are they still doing there?  Time to move to a better ‘hood, don’t you think?  It’s not like the US hasn’t spiffed up most of the country for you.

Maybe Tim Robbins would like to volunteer to go to the Mideast and help the troops sort through the terrorists and civilians while under fire?  I’ll make your war outfit, Timmy.  It’ll be hot.  As in hot pink.  YEEEAHHH!!!  Sexay.  Wouldn’t want the terrorists to miss out on meeting a Hollywood great.

Anyway, happy Labour Day weekend.  See you all on Tuesday.  Here’s a holiday gift.  He’s a member of “FATah”…obviously.


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