November 5, 2007 – Torture? Why that sounds like a swimmingly good idea.



Hey look!  It’s more torture!

Before you libs reading this flip right out, just read my Sun Media column on the issue of waterboarding, here.  And I highly recommend checking out my former CIA field agent pal’s piece on the same issue, here.

And why shouldn’t Iran have nukes, you ask?

No “man jammies” = Fully qualified Mideast ally!

This is why.  All hell has broken loose in Pakistan because the Islamic nutcases that leader Pervez Musharraf was supposed to have been keeping in check, in exchange for US cash and weapons, are now running the asylum. 

As I wrote last summer, Pervy was cruisin’ for a bruisin’ when he cut a deal with al-Qaeda to stick to the northern part of Pakistan, where they could run bombing missions into Afghanistan to kill our troops.  Yeah, Pervy, that’s really showing ’em!  Which is why they’re now making your life a living hell.

This whole fiasco could have been lumped into the same category as Darfur — in other words, unfortunate…but George Clooney’s project rather than George Bush’s — if no real threat to the West was involved.

But they have freaking NUKES.

And the only thing worse than someone as inept as Musharraf having nukes is a bunch of JIHADISTS having them.

Since she’s back in town, it’s time to let Benazir Bhutto straighten things out.  The terrorists keep wanting her dead, so you know she’d do things right.  First, she wouldn’t — as Musharraf has done — let militant Islamists infiltrate the military and administration, and start calling the shots.

Thatcher…Golda Meir…Bhutto.  Why do the women always have to show some of these girly-men how it’s done?


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