November 6, 2007 – Yeah, you’re right, libs — again, these people are totally reasonable.

16 year old suicide bomber on a field trip to Israel

A counter-terrorism agent once told me that suicide bombers hold their hands up like that just before they’re about to blow themselves up because they’re trying to preserve fingerprints so they can be identified and get “credit” for the job.  You know — so Allah knows where to send all the babes.

British intelligence (MI-5) is saying that terrorists are training kids “as young as 15” to blow themselves up in the name of Allah.  Well, I guess that’s one way for an awkward, pimply-faced teen to get lucky…with 72 chicks.

This is a National Lampoon skit come alive:

If you put terrorists in jail, some will apparently try to blow that up, too.

And for those who still aren’t convinced that England has TOTALLY lost the plot — they’ve now decided that asking terror suspects to stay home 18 hours a day is too cruel…so the limit has been cut to 12 hours.

England BEFORE liberals took over

England AFTER liberals took over

It’s no wonder London has CCTV cameras monitoring every inch of every street. With terrorists out and about, you pretty much need to implement a nanny state.  Interesting concept:  Limiting EVERYONE’S freedom so that terror suspects don’t feel like they’re being treated differently.


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