October 1, 2007 – Juicy political news in France

“Hey, Rachel — appelez-moi!”

The French media has been busy deciphering a “love letter” that President Sarkozy was seen carrying out of a meeting.  Damn, I KNEW I should have stuck to email!

You can read what the letter says, here.

The author of the letter, a longtime family friend, claims it was for Sarko’s wife, Cecilia.  What kind of chick would write a love letter to another?  Is that even believable?


On this side of the pond, former GOP House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, announced over the weekend that he isn’t running for President.  Not exactly a surprise.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that if Giuliani became the GOP nominee and asked Newt to be VP, that he’d turn down the opportunity.  Someone needs to pin him down on that question, as it’s the far more interesting (and realistic) scenario.

There are also rumblings that if Giuliani gets the nomination, some folks on the far-right are going to seek a third-party candidate.  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  Did these people learn absolutely nothing from the Nader/Gore split that worked against the Democrats?  And what exactly would be the point?  It certainly wouldn’t be for the purpose of actually winning because, let’s face it, America isn’t going to vote for anyone who’s clinging to either the far-right or far-left ideological cliff.  Holy smokes — check yourselves, people.  Please.

Me on the Brooklyn Bridge:  Where a lot of people will end up on the off-chance that Hillary wins.

In other news, Hillary is being criticized for her laugh.  WHAT THE???  Please tell me that we haven’t reached THAT phase yet.  Meaning the point where we’ve run out of anything substantial to criticize, so we pick on silly things that require the analytical ability of a grade schooler.  We still have more than a year left in this campaign — so can we please get serious?  Pointing to someone’s laugh as the reason why they aren’t fit to be president ought to be saved for the home stretch.  Where are the oppo research teams?  It’s a CLINTON, for crying out loud — the oppo research gift that keeps on giving.

And here’s reason #2,764 why I’d rather fight for the next umpteen million years rather than submit to the “dynamite religion” known as Islam.  Some woman in Saudi Arabia got in trouble because she was watching a man on TV — alone — and her hubby considered it cheating.  Relax, pal…I doubt it was good for either of them, if that’s any consolation.


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