October 10, 2007 – Here we go again with those racist, er, SWISS.

Ok, so he’s not Swiss, he’s Swedish.  Whatever.  Either way, he’s probs racist.

Shades of what was going on in France before Sarkozy got out his pressure-washer — there are now riots in SWITZERLAND related to out-of-control immigration.  “Rising crime rates, concern over terrorism and the increasing drain on the national budget to support poor immigrant families” are being cited.

Meanwhile, Sarkozy’s government has introduced legislation in France that would require family class immigrants to undergo a DNA test.  You know, to make sure that, uh, John Smith is really related to Jim Smith.  Or, more likely in the case of France, that the various Mohammeds are actually related to each other.  A couple of his African ministers aren’t happy, but you just know he doesn’t give a frig.  That’s why he’s the hotness.

“You guys go ahead.  I’ll jog.”

Elsewhere, here’s the updated FBI Most Wanted Terrorist list.  If you can point out what every single one of them has in common, you get a prize.  (Hint:  It’s not that they’re all Catholic.)

You can also count the number of times “Mohammed” appears on the page.  It’s a fun little post-9/11 variation of “Where’s Waldo?”

Finally, this made me vom today.  DO NOT WANT.  DO NOT WANT.  DO NOT WANT.  DO NOT WANT…….

It’s a spoof of this Vanity Fair cover, featuring designer Tom Ford, and actresses Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson — and which is somehow infinitely more bearable:


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