October 11, 2007 – And the winner of the Nobel Prize for chick lit is…

Mmm, tastes like Ding Dong!

Ok, so Al the Goracle doesn’t do chick lit — he does “environmental fiction”.  He may as well be up for the Nobel in Chick Lit, though — because it would make about as much sense as being up for the Nobel PEACE prize.

I’d argue that he’s actually discouraging peace.  His movie, The Inconvenient Truth, about how we’re all going to die in a flaming planetary inferno (likely sometime next year), encourages people to “fight” phenomena for which the sun and planetary cycles are ultimately responsible.  But what better way to rid ourselves of terrorists in the Mideast — one of the hottest places on earth already — than turning up the dial on the planetary oven?

 But what do we expect, really?  Previous peace prize winners include Yasser Arafat (killer of Jews — yeah ok, I guess if you kill enough of your enemies, you technically create PEACE and quiet), and Jimmy Carter, who thinks swimming lessons are torture when they’re taught by the CIA.


Incidentally, this is why I love Wikipedia — the ultimate playground for unemployed leftists who have nothing better to do all day:  “Yasser Arafat was a Palestinian guerrilla soldier (read:  TERRORIST) and a diplomat.”  Ha ahaha hahahahahahhaha.  I wonder how those two “strengths” were reconciled in high school career counseling.

And finally, big news yesterday — the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide way back in 1915.  And apparently Turkey isn’t happy.  For those who don’t understand what this is about, let me  simplify it for you:  Armenians were a Christian minority that was slaughtered by Turkish Muslims.

As Winston Churchill said in his book, The World Crisis, “The opportunity presented itself for clearing Turkish soil of a Christian race opposed to all Turkish ambitions.”

But, you know, BUSH created this war. *insert eye-roll here*


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