October 12, 2007 – I should sue the Czech President for plagiarism

Seriously.  He must have read yesterday’s Drive-By.  Now for a rant to get you through the weekend (or at least until my new Sun Media column comes out on Sunday)…

No, eating cheeseburgers is not the same as smoking. 

Just freaking DO IT already.

If someone wants to clog their arteries, that’s their own business.  It doesn’t affect me — particularly with a private health care system here in the USA.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s for you and your insurance company to work out.

Why does every smoker think they’re “considerate”, as in, “Oh, I don’t smoke around YOU so why should you care?”  Well, you reek like smoke constantly and your breath reeks like an ashtray when you’re talking to me, face to face.  And that’s when the toxic fumes aren’t wafting in my general direction.

Because most smokers seem to lack a realistic perspective on their habit, the government unfortunately has to step in.  In California this week, smoking with your kids in the car has been banned, thanks to GOP Governator Schwarzenegger.

He’s going to terminate your filthy habit.

In one California city, they’re banning smoking in your apartment where it can reek up the hallways and even seep into other units, and also smoking on outdoor patios (where you used to be able to go for fresh air).

Someone on my floor either smokes in their apartment, or goes into the stairwell to light up.  Either way, every weekend, I can smell it from inside my home.

Next, I want the NYPD to put the smackdown on idiots who casually spew smoke into the air at unsuspecting people on the sidewalks.  If we’re going to have cars with zero emissions standards, then how about people who are out and about get held to the same? 

Can’t find a place to light up anymore?  Oh well, sorry that society is making it increasingly more difficult for you to kill yourself.

When you light up, puppies get winded on their walkies.



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