October 16, 2007 – Premature misfiring.

There isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t understand this problem.

A US Patriot Missile went off when it wasn’t supposed to and landed on a farm in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Qatar.  What’s the protocol for something like that?  Do you call 911?  Do they even have 911 in Qatar? 

Incidents like this actually give a bit of credibility to Vladimir Pootie’s jitters over the US Missile Defense shield being located too close to his junk.  He wouldn’t want anything to do with misfirings that would give him a bad rep with the ladies.

Pootie’s such a playa.  Just take the pic below:  Look how he wears his ear protectors upside-down like that.  He’s straight-up gangsta.  It’s probably the Russian equivalent of the homeys holding their “piece” sideways.  I also love how it looks like he went straight from a business luncheon to the gun range.  He doesn’t even need to use two hands.  He’s probably strangling someone kneeling down on the floor with the other.  That would certainly explain the dudes in the balaclavas.  By the way, I can say things like this about Putin because I know he won’t sue me.  He’ll just kill me.


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