October 18, 2007 – There’s always someone whose day is going worse than yours.

Oh well, there’s always The Ange.

And today that guy is French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy.  Unrelated to either Sarko’s divorce announcement or mass national transit strike today, I had to put in a call to the Elysee (French presidential palace) at an ungodly hour this morning.  The phone rang…and rang…and rang.  Then when someone finally answered and I was put through, it rang and rang and rang again.  Not at all the usual scenario there — so they really must be having a heck of a day.

Sarko’s welcome to cry on my shoulder — except that he’s shorter than me so he can’t reach my shoulder….he’d only come up to my….um….NICE!

But no matter what kind of crappy day you’re having, you can always conjure up an image to make yourself feel better.  For example, how about the thought of all the commies moving to outer space?  I like!  They can go nuke each other in zero gravity and we’ll all be better off down here.

To go where no human rights campaign has ever gone before.



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