October 19, 2007 – Welcome home, Benny!

Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto returned from exile yesterday with such a bang that a whole bunch of people died.  That’s how these Muslim terrorists express themselves about politicians — by blowing themselves to smithereens, along with a bunch of others.  I’ll still take the butterfly ballot nightmare, thanks.  But it kind of makes you feel guilty about not getting off your butt and taking a quick trip down the street to the polls on voting day, doesn’t it?  I mean, the effort some people will go to.  Why not just write a letter to the editor, or something, if you’re that stoked?

Nice to see Musharraf has things under control over there as an “ally” in the war on terrorism.  Time to man-up, Mushy!  Doesn’t look like that deal you struck with the terrorists to stay put in Waziristan is working out too well at your end.  Give the broom to Benny — she’ll take care of ’em.

FYI, I’ll be reporting all next week from Washington, DC.

Look out Congresscritters, here I come!



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