October 23, 2007 – Don’t mess with Canada.

Shut up, I’m serious.

Canada now has the 6th largest military expenditures of the NATO alliance.  Only during World War 2 was it higher.  It took only 22 months of responsible Conservative stewardship to reverse damage done by decades of Liberal governance. 

Finally, a military career — which also comes with a heaping side order of disciplinary and trades training — is once again a legitimate, proud option for Canadians.  Maybe we can start calling it the Canadian ARMED Forces again (the “armed” part had long been left out — probably because there wasn’t enough money for actual weapons and ammo). 

Canadians have progressed from petting kittens and doing medical drills to actually being able to vaporize scumbags again rather than assuming they’re just in need of a little therapy and understanding.  I love the liberal rationale.

Here’s a fun exercise:  Next time a lib tries telling you that we need to negotiate with and coddle terrorists and people who want to kill us, punch him in the face a few times, really hard.  Then wait and see how long it takes before he (a) punches you back, or (b) calls the cops.  Choice “a” currently represents what we’re doing in the war on terror, and “b” is the USA.  No one really loves the cops, until they’re the one punched in the face.

In other news, the Swiss are fed-up, too.  First the French, now this.  That snooze alarm is a bit worn out guys , but we’re glad you could join us.  Better late than never.

Incidentally, the Swiss have mandatory military service.  Meaning, the number of kids walking around with pants down around their knees is dramatically reduced.

I wouldn’t want to mess with the Swiss.  Because you know they all have these, at the very least:

Here I am yesterday in DC, in front of the FBI Headquarters.  Note the green leaves on the tree above my head…at the end of October.  Gotta love it.  Seems our seasons have shifted — with snow in NYC this past May, and summer here on the east coast lasting through October.



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