October 24, 2007 – This guy totally looks ready for some witty repartee.

Well, he must be, if you believe Louise Arbour (the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and former Canadian Supreme Court justice).  Arbour is fretting that Canada has lost its diplomatic role in the world.  I’d argue that part of the cause is that there’s less opportunity in the world at the moment for diplomacy.

This is a war against TERRORISM, and as reasonable as guys like this (below) may seem to Louise Arbour, diplomacy with terrorists is a proven waste of time and energy.

In Louise Arbour’s universe, if only Stephen Harper would just sit down with this guy at Starbucks, the world would be a better place.

And if Canada’s diplomatic clout has weakened, it’s because we haven’t operated from a position of strength since WWII — with the exception of the last year, since the Conservatives have rebuilt our military and reclaimed a major role on the world stage.

As for Arbour’s concern that Canada didn’t vote for the UN declaration in favour of native human and land rights — do we really need to divvy up the societal pie anymore?  When we already have “human rights”, why bother with “native rights” too, if they’re already part of the human race?  Aren’t we all the same inside?  Liberals are so racist.


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