October 25, 2007 – Democrats declare war on the middle-class…again.

A 4% surtax on incomes over $150k (or $100k/person, if you’re married)?  I suppose they figure these are the “wealthy” people.  If you’re living in Manhattan — where rents for an apartment the size of a closet are on average $2,200/month, and where we already pay 3 levels of income tax (federal, state and CITY!) — an income of $150k would make you middle-class.

In other news, First Lady Laura Bush made a trip to the Mideast and ended up reminding all the war critics what we’re fighting for, without having to say a word.  Just get a load of this:

See, libs?  They can’t even wear a CHE SHIRT!

And here in DC, Condi Rice got a dose of liberalism when some protestor with blood on her hands accosted her during a proceeding.  Keep it up, libs.  America needs to see more of you so it becomes clear to mainstream USA what kind of loony tunes you really are.

Some folks’ idea of another “day at the office” is much different than mine.



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