October 26, 2007 – Someone in Jesus’ family doesn’t like Mike Huckabee.

Too bad, that’s pretty crummy news for him.

Astronaut Jesus.  I love my religion because things like this won’t get me killed.

When Jesus’ relative speaks, maybe we should listen.  I’m talking about the Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schlafly, with whom I once chatted during dinner at a Council For National Policy Meeting in Naples, FL.  And I’m not joking — she really is a direct descendant of Jesus Christ.  Or at least that’s what it used to say in her bio, even though it makes absolutely no sense unless Jesus went around fathering kids that we don’t know about.  And she doesn’t like Mike Huckabee, apparently.  Which ought to put the religious right that really seems to dig him in a bit of an awkward position!  That is, if the part about being in Jesus’ family is true.

Jesus and his posse had to deal with liberals, too.

After the House Democrats decided yesterday to push the largest tax increase in American history onto the “wealthy” people who make a whopping $100k/year, I get this in my inbox (emphasis within the body of the press release is mine):

For Immediate Release:  Thursday, October 25, 2007

Contact:  Ranit Schmelzer



(Washington, DC) Following is a statement by Nancy Duff Campbell, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center, on the Tax Reduction Reform Act of 2007, introduced today by Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel.


“Today Chairman Rangel introduced a tax reform bill that would make the income tax code fairer for millions of hard-working American families.  The bill reverses course on years of tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of average Americans by providing relief for the lowest-income Americans, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, and paying for these changes by ensuring that the wealthy begin to pay their fair share of taxes.


“In addition, the bill corrects a number of egregious tax loopholes.  It will require private equity managers to pay their fair share by treating their compensation as income from work, not capital gains – among other tax reforms.  And it will prohibit hedge fund managers from sheltering their income overseas.


“The bill would help four million low-income families with children, the majority of whom are headed by women, by expanding the refundable child tax credit.  And it would provide relief to low-income childless workers by increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit.


“We particularly commend Chairman Rangel for fully paying for this nearly trillion dollar bill in a progressive way.  By doing so, we will protect the revenues needed to provide vital services to women, children and all Americans and keep from adding to the nation’s $9 trillion debt.


“We look forward to working with Congress as the debate on this bill unfolds.”

Hey morons — people who make $100k in places like NYC and LA and other big American cities ARE “average Americans” and are hardly “wealthy”.  As for paying their “fair share” of taxes, who do you think already subsidizes all those folks on welfare?

This is why you should always be careful in splitting the tab with a socialist.  Their idea of a “fair share” is really something else.

Have a great weekend, and see you back in NYC on Monday!

You have no idea how tempting it was to run through this fountain.  But it was too nice of a day to get shot.


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