October 29, 2007 – Reason #5,265 why I love this guy.

Sarko d’Hotness:  No time for “stupide” libs

Back in April/May, before he was even elected, I identified this guy as my new favourite politician.  He becomes even more so every day.  Here’s yet another example why…

French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy’s people made the colossal error of allowing the flaming liberals at CBS News’ 60 Minutes (remember the Dan Rather Memogate attempt at derailing Bush’s re-election?) to get up his nose.  At the very beginning of the interview, even before the questions about his personal life (and virtually none at all about politics), Sarko ends up calling the whole situation “stupid” and his communications guy who booked the interview “an imbecile”. 

When she wouldn’t get off the topic of his relationship with his (now ex) wife, he took off the mic, thanked her, shook her hand and walked away.  I literally stood up and cheered. 

This is how every conservative politician needs to treat the media.  I mean, watch this video and you tell me which one of them looks like a moron.

Check out the whole thing, here:


Sarko 60 Minutes CBS

Also, here’s my column about Bush still being right.  He likes the lib media, too.  See?

This column’s really got the people pumped!  Now I’m just sitting back and waiting for my NYC society party invites to roll in.

UPDATE:  To buy Bill Sammon’s book, mentioned in the column, click here.


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