October 3, 2007 – Please Lord, let them do the one over by Madison Square Garden next.

There was a raid on illegal immigrants employed at 11 McDonald’s restaurants in Nevada.  Now there’s a shocker.  Not.

Can we get some of that action over here in NYC, please?  The last time I was at the Mickey D’s over by the Garden, the line was only 2 people deep, yet I still had to wait half an hour to get to the front.  And to top it off, I ended up walking away with a cheeseburger that contained no meat — just a bun with a slice of cheese.  This isn’t a unique occurrence, either.  It happens in every McDonald’s where I have to run “cheeseburger with extra pickles, please” by them 10 times because “no habla Ingles.”

There’s no way Ray Kroc would have approved of this.

In political news today, I must be the only person in America who’s following the Ukrainian elections.  I continue to be amazed that anti-Russian/pro-Western former Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko (who’s set to once again return to the post in the current elections), hasn’t been pegged off by the Russians yet. 

I’m also mesmerized by her hair

This woman has had everything thrown at her by the pro-Russian opposition, including a jail stint.  And she just doesn’t give a damn.  Check out the article, “Containing Russia”, that she wrote this year for Foreign Affairs magazine, and the Kremlin’s response.

And keep in mind that her ally, President Viktor Yushchenko, was treated to a really bad “dioxin facial” immediately prior to the last presidential election, as a result of his pro-West/anti-Kremlin positions.

A Kremlin spa “dioxin facial” will mess you up.

So in case anyone out there thought the Cold War was ancient history — it’s still kicking around.  Only right now, it’s being fought by our allies over there.



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