October 30, 2007 – Just bite your lip and stick up your thumb. How hard can it be?

So Obama is studying tapes so he can be like Bill Clinton in debates?  Can someone please let me know when he’s actually going to say anything of substance?  Thanks.  I can’t imagine a better candidate for the Britney Spears generation, though.  As they say in Texas:  All hat, no cattle.

And CBS’s Lesley Stahl has told a TV industry blog that she didn’t get a chance to ask Sarkozy any real political questions because he cut the interview short after 5 minutes.  She also says he was visibly aggravated right from the get-go.  Well then how about not unleashing the personal questions until you get in all your political ones next time?  Might be an idea.

I’m still all for politicians telling journalists to piss off when they start asking personal questions that are unrelated to their ability to do their job.

My favourite part of the interview was when Sarkozy starts complaining about his press secretary and calling him stupid while the cameras are rolling and Stahl reminds him that “this is what the American people are going to see.”  He responds:  “But he IS stupide!” 

Well there ya go, America!


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