October 31, 2007 – Happy Hallowe’en! And say cheese, Mr. Terror Suspect.

Quick note:  Catch me tonight on CNN’s The Situation Room at 7:30pm EST (4:30pm PST).  A chat with host Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty (CNN), and investigative journalist Carl Bernstein.

I’m going to dress up as Hillary Clinton (see above) so I can wander around Manhattan taking candy from all the more ambitious trick-or-treaters and giving it to the ones who slacked off.

Cameras in a terror suspect’s home?  Duh…HELL YEAH!

Anyway, the government of Canada is requesting that a terror suspect have security cameras installed in his house while under house arrest.  Of course, his lawyers are arguing that he should not only be allowed to live surveillance-free, but also be permitted to leave to teach Muslim school (!)

The Globe and Mail article says:  “Canadian officials accuse Mr. Jaballah of playing a “communications relay” role in a major terrorist massacre – al-Qaeda’s 1998 African embassy bombings.”

For those of you who are thinking that this poor guy’s rights are being infringed upon by the evil powers-that-be, let me assure you that I have documentation to suggest that this article doesn’t even come close to representing the whole story — not by a long stretch.  Given what I know — and you’ll just have to trust me on this — it’s my view that he shouldn’t even be out of jail, unless it’s to deport him.  (He claims he’d be tortured, but perhaps he should have thought of that before getting involved with various high-profile terrorists).

It’s also my assessment that the harm in making this information known outweighs the good, at this time.

I’m just saying that I don’t want to hear any pleas from civil rights types — or Trudeau offspring — speaking out on the basis of what they know.  Because I’m telling you, it really is squat-all in this case.



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