October 4, 2007 – Fred Thompson is the Zamfir of politics.

GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s dulcet tones could knock out a pack of raging bulls on crack cocaine.  He certainly did the trick for me, after watching his interview with Sean Hannity last night on FOX News (see video above).  I haven’t slept that well in years.  But I’m not sure that’s a good thing if you’re running for president of the USA.  Remember during the 2004 campaign when John Kerry was skiing, windsurfing and doing all sorts of ridiculous things to make himself look energetic?  Well, Fred needs to to strap himself to the back of a speedboat or something.  Anything.  Please.  I’ll even settle for some chair aerobics.

Get in there, Fred!

Anyway, it looks like a Rudy vs. Hillary presidential cage match is a foregone conclusion (as I predicted last year).  If it’s as popular as the Mets vs. Yankees “Subway Series” was (ie. no one outside of NY cared), then get set for record low voter turnout.  I’m still calling for a Rudy win, given Hillary’s seemingly unsurmountable negatives.

The only real question remaining is, who will win the evening gown competition?


Rudy getting it on with The Donald

Incidentally, Rudy also has dreams about my man, Sarko, as he explains in this video, below.  HANDS OFF, RUDY!


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