October 5, 2007 – For crying out loud, just get on the damn log ride with the infidels and shut up.

Six Flags in Texas is having “Muslim Family Day”, at the behest of the Islamic Circle of North America — a group with rumoured ties to Hamas terrorists.

No one’s stopping you from going to theme parks like anyone else in America, so what’s the point of this? 

In other news this week, Muslims lobbied to have Ramadan celebrated in schools at the same time as Halloween.  Newsflash:  Halloween is fun.  It means taking candy from strangers, and generally doing things for which your parents would kill you at any other time of the year.

Ramadan, on the other hand, sounds like a bit of a drag.  I’m just sayin’.  Why impose that on kids?  At least with Sunday school, we got lots of cookies, cake, and arts/crafts to make our dose of Jesus go down nice and smoothly.  Here in the West, we like to keep it fun, okay?  That’s how we roll.  If we wanted it otherwise, we’d move.  By the way, try making a batch of Allah cookies without having to go into hiding afterwards.

Jesus cookie

Remember to catch me on CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday morning at 1030am EST/730am PST.

UPDATE:  It’s 4pm, and I just found out, right on deadline, that this week’s Sun Media column has been punted.  Apparently pointing out the facts about Islam is too controversial for Canada (deja-vu from a few weeks ago when yet another column about Islam was spiked).  Anyway, you’ll still be able to read it here within the next few days, I promise.


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