September 10, 2007 – The column that was too hot for Canada

I love my editors.  They’re the best people I’ve ever worked with in this industry — and more than anyone else in the media, they’re not afraid to push the envelope.  Given the controversial nature of my writing, they have a tough job that very few people could do without regular nervous breakdowns.  But every so often, I write a column that’s considered TOO controversial to be printed in a Canadian newspaper. 

And I’m okay with that.  As much as journalists like to whine about editors not printing whatever they churn out, the truth is that newspapers are a business.  And if they feel that a particular column risks being detrimental to the business interests of the newspaper, then they have every right not to run it.

But rest assured that knowing this will never prevent me from doing my job as a commentator and saying what I believe needs to be said.  In such circumstances, you’ll always be able to read the “censored” column here on my website.

So here it is:  “The Censored Truth About Legal Immigration”.



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