September 11, 2007 – Some people attempt the moral equivalency test…

…and fail miserably.

“For nature, everyday (sic!) is 9/11”??!!  Sounds like Mother Nature needs to butch up.  I chalk up the grammatical error to the fact that the organization is French.

The only thing combustibly hot in France is this:

Nicolas Sarkozy …being obscured by Angela Merkel.  Come on, Ange!  MOVE IT, SISTER!!!!

Some fun feedback from this week’s column (posted below):

Fantastic article. I loved the “tapping it ” test. Why people insist on contributing to their own demise is beyond me.

And this one, from a dear left-leaning friend:

Rachel, it’s this kind of thinking that put Japanese and Italians in internment camps in Canada — and German Jews in camps in the UK.

No one is advocating in favour of internment camps.  In fact, I’m arguing that we should only allow people into our countries who will NOT voluntarily segregate into cultural ghettos…only those who are prepared to fully integrate and embrace our language and culture.

As for the idea of detaining refugees until they can be thoroughly assessed, human rights groups have been trying to fight Australia on their refugee detention centres for years….with zero success.  That’s because no one is being “detained” — they’re free to leave and go back home (or elsewhere) anytime they want.


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