September 13, 2007 – Achtung, baby! Hands off the Ange!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be seriously annoyed that French President Nicolas Sarkozy d’Hotness can’t keep his mitts off her junk.

Says the UK Independent: “Chancellor Merkel is said to fear that M. Sarkozy wants to create a protectionist European Union, and maybe a protectionist France. On a more personal level, she is said to have been irritated by his insistence on kissing and touching her in public.”

Finally…high-profile relationship drama with some freaking consequence!  I’m going to name these two, Hollywood gossip style:  Merkozy.

Hey, wanna make out in the back of an Airbus?”

Personally, this sexy hunk of Camembert had me at “I’m going to clean up the rabble in these neighbourhoods with a Karcher (brand of pressure washer).”  I wouldn’t normally take another chick’s hand-me-downs, but in this case…YES, PLEASE!

The G8 fraternity can’t get enough of their girl:


Hey, I just paid $75 for that kind of treatment at a spa in Chelsea.  What’s the problem, girlfriend?  Then again, I come from a province whose Lieutenant-Governor (aka representative of the Queen) had her butt grabbed by the Prime Minister of Canada — and then grabbed his right back.  So hey, what do I know?

But will the triangle create tension between the two world leaders?  While they fiddle with their missiles and big red buttons, are they both secretly thinking of their favourite girl?


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