September 17, 2007 – People are only talking about him because he’s hot.

Much ado this weekend over former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, saying that he recommended to the White House that the US secure the oil supply by ousting Saddam Hussein…which has since been translated, in the media, into a favourite bumper sticker slogan of the left. Bush went to war in Iraq for oil. 

Ben Bernancke, the current Fed Reserve Chairman, must be tired of this guy constantly stealing his thunder.  Not to mention seethingly jealous of his rock star economist looks:

Getting the oil, getting out, and not bothering with anything else would have been easy.  And that’s not what happened.  So for anyone to imply that was Bush’s primary motivation is silly.

But going to war solely for oil isn’t a bad idea, really.  The left should be all for it, because the sooner we can tap all the world’s oil and burn through it, the sooner we’ll all be taking our bikes to work.  And that’s precisely how they roll, isn’t it?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do my part for the future of the planet…and help burn through some of that oil by driving my car to the corner store to grab a quick lunch.


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