September 19, 2007 – We really don’t have time for this right now.

Seriously, we don’t.  Congressional approval is at 11%, and we’re going to be stuck for God-knows-how-long dealing with “OJ Part II – The Search For The Real Thieves“.

This guy has made a career out of being on trial — a professional defendant.  I don’t even remember him as a football player or a D-list actor anymore.  It’s like Paris Hilton showing up at a party with no panties on — can we please just ignore it and chalk it up to everyday kind of stuff rather than something that deserves wall-to-wall exposure?  Or at least keep it relegated more or less to the entertainment shows instead of 24/7 coverage on the news channels?

In other news, this guy got in trouble for living my fantasy.  I hate gym grunters/hooters/hollerers, and often want to slam them into the wall myself.  Incidentally, this same gym (Equinox) is the one I go to in NYC.  350 bucks initiation, plus $138 a month.  Which is way too much to be paying to listen to some guy getting off during a spinning class.  If you want to behave like that, then join Bally’s, please.

Spinning class participant who got slammed into a wall

I used to belong to the Bally’s at 8th Ave and 50th Street, near Times Square.  One day, a member went to buy a protein shake from the juice bar and they wouldn’t give it to him because they were closing up.  He totally flipped out and the NYPD had to come and deal with the situation.  I’m sure they were thrilled.  Incidentally, the guy who does the puppet shows in Central Park gets paid thousands of dollars more per year by the City of New York than a rookie cop in the NYPD.  I’m not joking — it was in the NY Post earlier this year.


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