September 21, 2007 – Well, Harper can call an election now.

The Canadian currency, featuring such things as hockey players and a loon, is now at par with the US dollar.  Prime Minister may as well prorogue parliament and get going on that month long election campaign ASAP.  He’d have to be caught snorting coke off the back of a dead hooker to NOT get a majority right now. 

This issue alone will win Harper the election.  Most Canadians don’t understand economic complexities, but they do understand hockey scores, and right now Canada is leading the USA in the “money race” — that’s all they need to know.  The more simplistic the political message, the more penetrating and effective it is.  Harper can play on national pride and take credit for something that hasn’t been done on any prime minister’s watch since the 70s.

Stephen Harper fondling some pussy

I’m just happy that my pal, comedian Sherrod Small, can’t tease me anymore about possibly being robbed in NYC, having the thief rummage through my purse, and throwing my Canadian money back at me with, “WTF?!  What the hell is THIS?!”

Elsewhere, it’s UN dictator megalomaniapalooza soon in NYC!  Bush and Sarko will also be there, representing the Axis of Hotness.  Incidentally, I used to think that Sarko was the hottest guy in France.  But no, there’s an even hotter one — Sarko’s brother, Francois.  Hellooooooo, Francois!

Francois Sarkozy…

…and his twin.


I wonder if he’s into pressure washing, too?  A girl can dream, right?

So on that note, as I leave you for the weekend, here’s Sarko in all his hotness, taking a stab at la langue de Shakespeare.  And by stab, I mean with a butcher’s knife…repeatedly…and with no mercy.



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