September 27, 2007 – A make-work project for washed-up politicians.

Did I just see you throw that recyclable soda can in the GARBAGE, you earth murderer?!?!

So Clinton (version Bill) and Gore are hooking up to save the planet.  Kind of like in the Wonder Twins comics — Clinton takes the form of a horndog and Gore, a windbag.

It blows my mind that some people are so arrogant as to think they can single-handedly save the world from the SUN’s effects.  Yeah if the Clinton-Gore superduo had been roaming alongside the dinosaurs right before the ice age, I’m sure things would have turned out SO much differently.

The upshot is that it keeps them busy, rather than meddling in important stuff they could screw up.

Speaking of hooking up, does Barack Obama make you horny? 

Well now you can parlay your horniness for into hooking up with some fellow supporters, according to the NY Daily News.  Shades of the Howard Dean campaign, when they had these hookup parties all over the US.  If history repeats itself here, your chances to nail a horny Obamamaniac could very well be short lived.

Ok, I’m off to the Madison Ave Sony Store now to get a new computer before I end up on the wrong side of the white jacket with the long sleeves.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow, as I’ll make some Friday night political movie suggestions.  There are some good ones coming out in theatres.


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