September 28, 2007 – It only took 6 years.



This is the movie I’m going to see tonight.  Hopefully I won’t have to leave early because of the usual NYC theatre (a) pot smoking, or (b) yelling at the screen behaviour. 

It’s been described as one of the best — if not THE best — film of the year.  Aside from movies about the events 9/11, and perhaps Spielberg’s “Munich” about the murder of Jewish athletes by Muslims at the Munich Olympics, why has it taken Hollywood so long to come out with a film in which the bad guys are Muslim terrorists?  It’s not like they haven’t provided ample real life inspiration.  It’s like Hollywood is still living in the 70’s, with all these movies featuring mobsters and Russians as the villains.

Incidentally, did you know that Spielberg’s name is actually corrected by spellcheck if someone inadvertently butchers it (like I almost did in writing this entry)?  I think that’s when you know you’ve really made it.

There’s a reference in the movie’s trailer to UK Muslim cleric, Abu Hamza, who’s currently serving a (mere 9 year, approx) jail sentence under various UK statutes, including the Terrorism Act.  Anyone who studies the various players in the war on terrorism knows this guy — and I’m curious how he’ll be worked into this movie.  He’s known for inciting violence against non-Muslims, and frighteningly, 27% of young Muslims under age 25 in the UK support his views.

And George Clooney has a new movie coming out — a drama called Michael Clayton.  Looks interesting — a legal thriller in the style of John Grisham.

I bet he’s good at the breaststroke.

Now, Clooney’s a flaming lib, but he tries.  It’s almost cute…thinking he could go to China and Egypt and they’d scoot right over to Darfur to sort things out because George really, really wants them to.  Which is precisely the same interventionism for which Clooney has criticized the US.

But whatever, he’s George Clooney.  His political idiocy might reduce his hotness quotient, but he’s got a lot to spare.  If you’re a woman who wouldn’t hit that because of his politics, you’re a moron.  Either that, or you’re blind.

For those of you who are wondering how my computer saga turned out, I ended up getting a new Sony VAIO, in Cosmopolitan pink.  Loving it so far.  Also picked up a new digital vidcam, so I’ll be able to post videos and video commentaries on the site soon.

This thing has no idea what a rough life it’s going to have.


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