September 6, 2007 – NY Fashion Week started yesterday

I would have written about it earlier, had I cared enough to actually pay attention.  But find a way to mix in some political fun, and I’m game.

So I thought I’d ask some of my current and former NYC dwelling friends to help this political fashion icon (Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper…or as MSNBC would say, “Mexican President Calderon”) with his wardrobe:

Award-winning Canadian blogger, Lauren White (aka “Raymi”)

Q:  Who is this guy?

A:  stephen harper oh man this picture makes me so uncomfortable

Q:  What fashion advice would you give him?

A:  i would tell him to darken his hair but he can’t pose like that. i think every dude should avoid john travolta vests.


Dlisted’s Michael K, celebrity gossip guru:

Q:  Who is this guy?

A:  Geoffrey Rush’s twin?

Stephen Harper’s twin putting the moves on Kate Winslet

Q:  What fashion advice would you give him?

A:  None, he’s perfectly elegant.  He can probably give me some.


Incidentally, do you ever notice that with each new war, our enemies take increasingly less pride in their appearance?

Our enemy, circa WWII.  Looks like they put some effort into it.

Cold War/Post-WWII Russia.  Spiffy.

Viet Cong:  If Eddie Bauer sponsored an army, this is what it would look like.

Our enemy, post-9/11.  This is where it all goes to hell.  Looks like he just woke up and rolled off a subway grate.

And when you just can’t be bothered…


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