September 7, 2007 – Here’s something I bet they don’t teach you at NYC Fashion Week

It also illustrates why it’s best to have the bimbos and ditzes covering stuff like this rather than political/news types like myself. 

Something tells me this Hugo Boss watch keeps amazing time.

From a military historian friend who read yesterday’s entry:

Your missive on German WWII uniforms was actually very accurate. Hitler wanted a more youthful, well-tailored, higher status uniform for the Wermacht and SS in the 1930s – to aid in recruitment.They looked around for a designer to come up with these uniforms – something more stylish than the usual “battledress” of WWI trenches, and hearkening back to the previous century when the Prussians had been the best dressed soldiers on the battlefield.

So Hitler personally selected a young fashion designer by the name of Hugo Boss. And the rest is history.

This is NOT a joke. Hardly anybody knows about this, but the same guy who designed [CBC news anchor] Peter Mansbridge’s suits drew up the plans, and actually produced in factories he ran, the uniforms for Hitler’s Wermacht, SS and the Gestapo.

To be fair, they were incredibly well designed uniforms, with solid utility and versatility. Best uniforms of the war.

Can’t say the same about his modern suits and blazers though……….


Halle Berry in Hugo Boss:  This would have looked so hot on the beaches of Normandy.  Even if they were despicably evil.



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