November 13, 2007 – ManMitt’s Breakin’ The Bank


ManMitt spends it like Beckham

(Note:  I call him “ManMitt” so he knows how his son, Tagg, feels.  So…erm…Tagg!  You’re it!)

ManMitt is an athlete, too — except his sport is campaign spending.  Slow down, ManMitt!!  Mitt Romney has blown through a whole wad of cash already, and we aren’t even into campaign primary season.  $85,000 a day on ads?  I hope he gets it out of his system before he gets anywhere near the public purse (which ISN’T Louis Vuitton or Coach, Mitt!).  Although to be fair, he did alright with the Salt Lake City Olympics budget, as president of the organizing committee.

Sounds like ManMitt’s campaign manager needs to take a pair of scissors to the Platinum Visa.

Why doesn’t he just take all his dough and set fire to it?  That’s about the effect that all this spending is going to have on his campaign at this point. 

Okay, so he wins the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.  So what?  No offense to the people in those states, but spending that kind of money on those primary campaign ads is like dumping a million dollars on an ad in the buy and sell….in Bird’s Landing (that’s the smallest town in the USA, BTW). 

Why not save it for ads in California and Florida where you can amass huge numbers of delegates?

Mind you, ManMitt is a bazillionaire, so what does it really matter?  Normally we have to turn to independent candidates to find gazillionaires who get off on blowing their money running for president.  Mike Bloomberg will be happy to know that job’s filled this time around.  So he can stay here at NYC city hall and keep taking the Lexington Ave subway line to work.  (Seriously, he does.  Not sure why.  I sure as hell wouldn’t, if I was a zillionaire.  That’s the worst subway line in Manhattan.  Maybe it’s a guilt thing.)


How come you don’t whine when your profs make you do it?

And the Hillary campaign is under fire for planting a question in the audience with this girl.  I don’t see what the big deal is, frankly.  That’s what university students are trained to do — regurgitate leftist talking points on cue. 

UPDATE:  Thanks to The LOTUS Blog, Ann Coulter, and American Thinker for their recent posts.



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2 responses to “November 13, 2007 – ManMitt’s Breakin’ The Bank

  1. westwood61

    I can remember when he was a very fine footballer..When he was single!

  2. My dear, he is STILL fiiiine!

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