November 19, 2007 – Great, Now Canada Has An Illegal Immigrant Problem, Too!


Back ya go, boys.

I’m talking about all the boys who volunteered for the free ride provided by the US military in exchange for their service — all those perks and benefits — and then bailed when it came time for the heavy lifting.

Now the Supreme Court of Canada has finally done something right and denied refugee status to these US soldiers who abandoned their colleagues to flake out in Canada, by refusing to hear their appeal from the Federal Court.

The socialist New Democratic Party politicians are whining, with one (Member of Parliament, Olivia Chow) saying:

“To deport courageous war resisters who oppose the illegal invasion of Iraq is saying yes to George W. Bush’s war and no to supporting and protecting people seeking peace.”

Running away isn’t “courageous”, fulfilling the obligations that you VOLUNTEERED for is.


Oh well — next time, try the Peace Corps.

A female deserter, Kim Rivera, says she didn’t want to fight a war she didn’t support.  Well then what war WOULD be worth fighting, Kim?  The one in Darfur that has no national security value at all?  Or perhaps one that could be settled by a game of rock-scissors-paper?  I really don’t know what these people thought being a soldier was about.   I mean, didn’t they have it figured out before the end of basic training?

The problem for Canada is now in rounding up these folks and punting them back across the border.  Good luck with that.  It’s not like they have a track record of following through on obligations — let alone the one to go back and face a court martial.  They’ll have to get caught committing a crime or something (other than the obvious one of deserting the military).

Why do all illegal immigrants flee north?  Why not Cuba?  Castro hates Bush and Harper, too.  Lefties tell us he’s a nice, compassionate sort, so I’m sure he’ll welcome you like-minded comrades with open arms.

Since the army desertion rates have increased dramatically in recent years, it looks like this hole has long been in need of plugging.  Speaking of, um, plugging holes — even Paris Hilton didn’t get a break for failing to pay attention when signing something.  Come on, smarten up.


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One response to “November 19, 2007 – Great, Now Canada Has An Illegal Immigrant Problem, Too!

  1. infin81

    Hahaha…Immigrant problem? More like an immigrant infestation. We deport people occasionally, but it doesn’t stop them from coming right back into the country on the next flight.

    …and getting deported? Good luck on that count too! Hell we let convicted killers stay in our country because they will be persecuted if we send them back. WTF? Mind you, 12 years of liberal government will do that to you. Harper and the conservatives only have a minority so they have to be careful right now – or maybe they should go balls to the wall and kick these people out and let the liberals force an election.

    Then they would most likely become a majority government, and hopefully they can start fixing our once proud nation.

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