November 22, 2007 – As if the drug thing is really going to hurt him.


I’m not posting a pic of a joint on here, so you get a pot-bellied pig instead. 

So Obama did what we call “inoculation” in politics — he got something potentially harmful out into the open on his own terms before someone else could use it against him.  Except in this case, who really cares that Barack Obama did drugs or screwed around at school, as he admitted to a group of kids in New Hampshire this week?  What does he think he’s inoculating himself against?  Street cred?

 He’s already the “Oprah candidate”, has done some solid time on her couch, and may even have her campaigning for him.

 Come on — his target voters are DEMOCRATS, not saints.  When I did a TV show with actor Michael Rapaport awhile ago, I asked him which candidate he preferred, and he said Obama, because he screws up and he’s honest about it. 

 This recent admission will only serve to shore up Obama’s support.  Hillary will have to be caught with a bong in her face in order to hone in on the Obama vote.


Rudy could really give Oprah’s couch a workout!

But I bet Rudy Giuliani can make Obama look like a boy scout in the “bad boy” department.  He was the first to fold in the GOP competition for Jesus’ gold star (yet still managed to get Pat Robertson’s support — suggesting that Robertson is, above all else, a pragmatist).  But if Jesus’ faves — Romney and Huckabee — can split the vote between them so Rudy comes up the middle, then maybe in the general election (to which Obama doesn’t have a hope of making it), the bad boy vote can go to Rudy?


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