November 22, 2007 – Just get back to work, he’s in no mood for your antics.


Back on the buses, comrades!

 French President Nicolas Sarkozy was elected on his pledge to kickstart France’s economy.  Part of that plan involves getting people to actually do some work (the French work week is notoriously short). 

Now, a million government workers are gumming up the country’s transportation system and other sectors by striking.

They apparently want more money, and also don’t like Sarkozy’s idea of administering the mother of all diuretics to the country’s bloated bureaucracy.  But your country is broke, comrades!  This is precisely why Russia went mamms-up.  Because your ideology lends itself to bankruptcy.  How many times does that particular lesson have to repeat itself throughout history?

Now Sarkozy knows how Margaret Thatcher felt.  And thankfully, like Thatcher, he isn’t caving.

This blew my mind, though:

But despite the remarkable range of professions on strike, union membership in France is only 8 per cent of the total workforce – considerably lower than membership in the US (12 per cent) or Britain (30 per cent). It is less than 5 per cent in the private sector.

THIRTY PERCENT of the total workforce in England, post-Thatcher, is still unionized?  When did this happen?  No wonder taxes are so ridiculously high in Jolly Ole, and it costs a small fortune just to ride the subway.

Not that unions can’t serve a purpose, but it’s things like this that test people’s patience.  Especially that of a guy who just got divorced.


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