November 22, 2007 – Why does everything gay have to be inflated?


Gay or straight, all parades are annoying (and as if any parades are straight anyway).

Oh look, revised UN estimates show the number of AIDS cases to be lower than previously reported.  Kind of like the number of attendees at pride parades.

I’m sorry, but I’ve lived in Toronto and Vancouver and have been downtown during both cities’ Pride Day parades.  If the actual number of people in attendance bore any resemblance to the figures published after the event, there’s no way anyone would have been able to move.

I have nothing against gay people at all, just parades actually.  Call me a parade bigot, but they’re a major nuisance. 

I also have something against the inflation of numbers for things like the homeless, prevalance of disease, etc, in order to justify some folks’ gigs.

If we eradicate AIDS, they’re screwed.  Then what will they do?  In the case of homelessness, that’s why it took the City of Toronto forever to do an actual count.

If you’re going to make a career out of fighting something, best to make it something that has a neverending supply — like liberals.


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