November 26, 2007 – Fairy Tales From The Land of Aus


Introducing the new Prime Minister of Australia

This guy in the above photo wasn’t actually elected Prime Minister of Australia in this past weekend’s election, but he may as well have been.  Proving that they’re apparently intent on following the same slippery slope as Mother England (where even the Tory candidate is essentially a liberal), voters opted for a candidate whose primary campaign issue is to fight global warming.

Why didn’t he just campaign on the promise to end rainfall during the summer holiday season?  It’s about as feasible. 

These man-made global warming wackos remind me of something my sister and I used to do while growing up.  Whenever we got onto an escalator (at the mall, or whatever), we’d run to the top and pull REALLY HARD on the moving handrail, thinking that it would cause the escalator to speed up.  We were absolutely convinced that we were causing that thing to move faster — much like Al Gore and this new Australian PMidiot think they’re going to save the world from itself.

Except that we outgrew that nonsense at age 7 or so.  What’s their excuse?



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2 responses to “November 26, 2007 – Fairy Tales From The Land of Aus

  1. bobhuntress

    In the book that liberals seek to ban from America, and probably Canada as well, we learn that the problems of our planet come not from some deranged carbon isotope bent on Earth’s destruction, but from another source of contamination. Our world is polluted with sin, and all the electric cars we could produce are not going to purge sin from our planet.

    I find it interesting how the same group that seeks to impose a society without an economy or industry, in the name of “Green”, is the same group that seeks to restrict the free exercise of Christianity. Maybe the thought that this is our father’s world, and he, not us, determines the climate, and how hot this earth will be runs contrary to the liberal view that if we close all our businesses and worship the sun god of Al Gore, maybe he will spare us from weather curses.

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and take our chances with the Al Gore sun god.

  2. waynewrite

    To bobhuntress:

    “In the book that liberals seek to ban from America, and probably Canada as well”

    I assume the book you’re referring to is the Bible. I am in the media and I read quite a bit and to my knowledge, NO ONE (at least not in Canada) has advocated that the Bible be banned. I am an agnostic and I have 2 in my house and I see and hear it referenced constantly in books, essays, songs, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc., right across the political spectrum. I know there are people who don’t want it used as a basis for public policy, but that doesn’t constitute a ban.

    Scientists agree the world over that the earth is getting warmer. They disgaree on why, whether it’s man-made or part of a natural cycle. But it’s almost impossible to disgaree that 6 billion people (9 billion by 2016) wouldn’t have some sort of effect on any environment. Just think about one person in your living room verus 100 in the same room — forever.


    p.s. Just a small irony on bobhuntress: One of the co-founders of Greenpeace, and a local hero here in Canada, was Bob Hunter, who died a couple of years ago.

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