November 28, 2007 – Hillary gets the all-important warbler endorsement!


Who in their right mind would AIR KISS in the opposite direction when Sarkozy was really into it?

Oh wow, Hillary’s totally going to win now that Barbra Streisand has endorsed her for the presidency.  Because what voter WOULDN’T say to him/herself, “If that chick who’s famous for singing and memorizing scripts says Hillary’s the right man to run the country, then she really must be!”

Meanwhile, ardent supporters of the Religion of Peace (TM) are protesting the Israeli-Palestinian PEACE talks in Annapolis, Maryland.  They say it undermines their long term aspirations.  No kidding.  Why I am I one of about only 6 people on the planet who’s able to see that this “peace” they always go on about is really not the same as the “peace” we think of.  Theirs is more along these lines:  When all the infidels are dead (or converted to Islam), then maybe we can get some freaking PEACE around here.

 Speaking of nuking infidels, looks like someone’s angry because they didn’t get invited to the party in Annapolis.  Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the talks are doomed to fail, and Israel’s going to collapse.  He says that unless the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas has a say (meaning HE has a say), it’s basically all just a big waste of time.  Hey pal, you can’t have it both ways.  If you want to be invited to the parties, then quit turning people off with talks of nuking them or (in the case of Israel) “wiping them off the map”.


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