November 29, 2007 – GOP Debate Recap


Last night’s GOP debate — OH YEEEAAHHH!!!

 Here’s a quick recap of the CNN/YouTube GOP debate, for those of you who didn’t catch it.  I’ve condensed the back-and-forths down to their essence (these aren’t their direct quotes), which is what happens when you’ve lived in NYC for awhile like I have — you start to become far less wordy.  Judging by last night’s debate, I really wish Fred Thompson would spend some more time in NYC.

 Romney:  “Rudy, you ran a sanctuary city in NYC for years.”

Giuliani:  “At least I wasn’t employing illegals in my MANSION, like some people.”


Ron Paul:  “We need to bring the troops home and stop wasting money on foreign interventionist ventures.”

John McCain:  “It’s that kind of isolationist thinking that led to World War II.”


Giuliani:  “I supported Boston in the World Series after the Yankees lost because I have always supported the American League teams in the World Series.  And I should remind you that the Yankees won the World Series FOUR times when I was mayor — and zero times since.”


Oh, and Ronald Reagan was evoked 2 or 3 times.  Now THAT’S staying power!  The only other thing of note was that the GOP guys have a far better sense of humour than the Democrats.

And in related news, Giuliani was asked last night by Anderson Cooper about an expense report.  This is the one suggesting that he expensed security detail costs to obscure NYC departments like the “Office for People With Disabilities”, rather than to the NYPD.  Well, maybe his security detail had the IQ of a turnip and could fall into EITHER catetory?  That’s the only thing I can think of.  Giuliani never explained it last night (he just said that he received death threats and needed the added protection) — but he should have said the IQ thing because it would have been funny. 


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