November 30, 2007 – Oh boy, they won’t want to know what *I’ve* named Mohammed!


…and this is the bear’s punishment for having the audicity to be named Mohammed…like pretty much everyone else in the Middle East

 A teacher from the UK who somehow figured it would be nice to go teach Muslim kids in Sudan is now facing 15 days in jail for having named the class teddy bear “Mohammed”.  The Muzzies consider it a slam on the Prophet Mohammed’s good name.  Some of these loons are even calling for the infidel’s death.  I totally didn’t see THAT coming.

 What’s the big deal?  Everyone else is named Mohammed over there, so why not the bear, too?  And I think enough horrible things have been done in the name of Mohammed that naming a bear after him isn’t going to have much of an effect on his overall image at this point.

Here’s what the Muzzies should be much more concerned about:  When I was last at JFK Airport here in NYC, I noticed that many of the suspects on the “Have You Seen These Terrorists?” poster were named (wait for it…) Mohammed.  I don’t see anyone getting too upset about THOSE guys defaming the Prophet’s good name — just some freaking stuffed bear.

Although the teacher’s now facing 15 days in a Sudanese prison, she did manage to escape the 40 lashes.  Question:  Where’s Amnesty International on this one?  We’re talking some serious low-hanging fruit here, guys.  Or are we still focused on Bush and the GitMo guards dog-earing the Koran?

When people try arguing that all religions are equal and great, I just point to wankery like this (along with the big hole in the ground, a couple of blocks away).  Things like this really make me appreciate the fact that I’m Catholic.  I’m going to go think about it a bit more over some Jesus toast.



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2 responses to “November 30, 2007 – Oh boy, they won’t want to know what *I’ve* named Mohammed!

  1. infin81

    Your ex-colleague at the Sun (blech!), Peter Worthington, recently wrote an article about the Islamic Sharia laws.

    To summarize…a woman is gang-raped, and then she is rewarded by having to spend sixty days in a Saudi prison and suffer through 200 lashes?

    Makes me sick.

  2. hellfireblogs

    What’s Jesus toast? Can I get it at Dennys?

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