December 5, 2007 – At least he wasn’t taking a “wide stance”


Thanks to the guy on the left for reminding me that Canada has a political scene

 Once in awhile, I get asked by a reader why I don’t devote more blog space to covering Canadian politics back in my homeland.  Answer:  It’s boring.  So boring, in fact, that the parliamentary press gallery has resorted to unearthing scandals in previous administrations. 

See, when a government like Stephen Harper’s actually does very little aside from devoting itself only to cutting taxes (ie. the GST) and streamlining bureaucracy, rather than trying to change society as drastically as the Liberals did for over a dozen years (by bringing in gay marriage and attempting to decriminalize pot, etc), it’s kind of boring.  Only screw-ups are exciting.

Today, however, the Canadian political scene registered a heartbeat.  Why?  Because a Member of Parliament from my hometown was reportedly seen checking out pics of a chick on his computer while sitting in parliament.

Of course, the socialist NDP opposition called it objectification of women (barf), and made a big deal about it being one step away from woman abuse — even though they consider women in burkas and hijabs “cultural diversity”.

Personally, I call it “boredom”.  I mean, really — what guy doesn’t look at hot chicks on the computer at work when it’s a slow day?  This guy’s work just happens to be in front of TV cameras and a public gallery.

 I’m sure the NDP would have been thrilled if he had been checking out pics of nekkid dudes.  He’d be their new hero.  Actually, you only get to do that if you’re a lefty.


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