December 10, 2007 – Does someone you know want a fatwa for Xmas?


My good friend, Lisa, over at LOTUS Blog has the perfect gift for that special infidel in your life

Speaking of which, let’s check up on the British teacher who barely escaped with her life when she had the audacity to allow her students to name the class teddy bear “Mohammed” (which is pretty much the equivalent of naming it something like “Jim” or “Bob” in the USA).  Turns out she’s been released from her 15 day sentence in a Sudanese jail, and is now blaming herself, in typical lib fashion, rather than the nutjobs chanting for her to die.  Although I’m sure there’s another dumb lib willing to go over there and take her place in an attempt to teach peace and tolerance to people who demonstrably have no grasp of either concept.  It’s like showing a hundred dollar bill to a poodle and expecting it to show some sort of appreciation.

Mind you, I know I didn’t say much about this at the time, but Hillary Clinton had a prime opportunity to show America how good she is at rationalizing with terrorists when that lunatic took some of her employees captive at her New Hampshire campaign office a couple of weeks ago

Why didn’t she get up there and use this opportunity to show the world how easy it apparently is to rationalize with looneys?  Instead, the cops went in.  You know, kind of like what the US finally had to do with Iraq and Afghanistan.


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