December 12, 2007 – He probably thinks Pokemon is real, too


 Global warming, as imagined by UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon thinks global warming is serious.  I’ll believe him when he’s concerned enough to stop flying all over the world for silly things like concerts.

Even the Pope has had it with these clowns — and he’s as hip as they get (he wears red Prada shoes).

I saw Ban once in NYC, as I was coming out of my old gym (the craptacular Bally Total Fitness in Worldwide Plaza).  How did I know it was him?  Because Mr. Environment saw fit to bring an entire enviro-murdering/baby-killing/etc. motorcade with him to the restaurant.  If security was really his goal, he should have just hopped on a bike — I can guarantee that no one would have recognized him. 


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