December 13, 2007 – Actually Nancy, we don’t like war — just bikinis


French prez candidate, Socialist Segolene Royal:  We’re fighting for lefties’ bikinis, too!

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the highest ranking Democrat, who happens to be presiding over a Congress with a 22% job approval rating, is now saying that Republicans dig war:

Pelosi told ABC News:

“They like this war.  They want this war to continue.  We thought that they shared the view of so many people in our country that we need a new direction in Iraq.  To affect that we need redeployment of our troops with a goal of a year to do that. But the Republicans have made it very clear that this is just not George Bush’s war, this is the war of the Republicans in Congress.”

I wonder if it ever occurred to Nancy that maybe the GOP just likes the idea of standing up for the rights of women around the world to wear a bikini, rather than a hijab?  If she doesn’t like the title “War on Terror”, then maybe she’ll dig “Bikini Crusades”?  Because that’s where it will hit home hardest if Islamofascism takes over.

Or maybe you’d appreciate it more if I put it this way:  The lack of thongery would really put a damper on your pride parades over there in San Francisco.


What about your San Fran voters’ bikini rights, Nancy?

Can you just hang tight, Nancy?  We’re almost there — as your fellow war critic, John Murtha, even admitted this week, the Bush troop surge is working.

Would you rather the USA do what ridiculously-left British PM Gordon Brown did the other day?  The moron publicly announces troop withdrawal in Iraq solely for the benefit of his political career.

Bush could have done this.  He could have said, “Hey, what the hell, I’ve got a year left and it’s time to wrap this headache up and work on my legacy, as defined by the liberal media 10 minutes from now.”  Instead, he’s finishing the job to the extent that his tenure will allow him.

Oh, he could have also said, 4 years ago, “Well, we have all that Iraqi OIL now, so let’s scram.”  If Republicans were as oil-thirsty as the left makes them out to be, we’d have gone in, secured the oil fields and let the rest of the country go to pot — and Nancy would have still found a reason to whine.  Because that’s what libs do best.



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2 responses to “December 13, 2007 – Actually Nancy, we don’t like war — just bikinis

  1. hellfireblogs

    Awesome. I’ve always said it was we Republicans who were carrying the water for feminists nowadays.

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