December 18, 2007 – He likes it, okay?


They should be more concerned for the Japanese guy

Animal activists are upset because a Japanese aquarium is putting Santa hats on its beluga whales for Christmas.  Get a grip.  What makes these people think they know what the belugas like?  Just look at that pic — that beluga’s lovin it.  While the activists call it “humiliating”, I call it festive.  It’s the Japanese dude standing beside the beluga in that pic who looks humiliated.  You can totally tell the beluga is judging him.

 Speaking of judging, US presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, has come out with a new ad, featuring cross imagery in the background.  You know, just in case you forgot he’s the candidate that Jesus is officially endorsing.  (Unlike God’s warrior, Pat Robertson, who is endorsing that heathen, Giuliani.)


Ok man, we get it.

Candidate Ron Paul says that “when fascism comes, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”  Newsflash:  Fascism IS here, and it’s wrapped in a burka.  What the heck does he think this country has been spending its money fighting for the past 6 years?


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