December 18, 2007 – You can’t swim when the global warming floods come if you’re in a straightjacket


Waahhh, you didn’t recycle that Coke can!

The biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives tend to deal in fact and logic, while liberals are governed by emotion.  For example, when was the last time you saw Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity break down in tears during a media appearance, like Al Franken did on the CBC?  To be fair, US presidential candidate Mitt Romney teared up this week, but it was while talking about the men and women who have died fighting for freedom and democracy in Iraq.

But at the UN climate change negotiations in Bali this week, Dutch diplomat Yvo de Boer basically started sobbing.  In the photo above, you can tell that even Ban Ki-Moon is going “WTF?!”.  As Britain’s Daily Mail explains:

Mr de Boer had been warning delegates that failure to reach an agreement on global warming could “plunge the world into conflict”.

Officials from China, which feels Western countries should do more to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, accused UN negotiators of ignoring conference protocol.

Mr de Boer, distinctively dressed in a floral shirt, stepped up to the microphone to defend his staff – only to find that the words would no longer come.

As his unfinished sentences trailed away, he broke down and walked off the platform to supportive applause.

“He wasn’t just wiping his eyes, he was in floods of tears,” said one observer.

“Three colleagues – one of them a woman – formed a protective group around him and escorted him out of the hall. It was all very dramatic.”

Sounds like they should have “escorted him out of the hall” and straight into the nearest nuthouse.  Imagine if he had been in an environment where he was actually CHALLENGED on his beliefs and wacko global warming theories, rather than at a UN circlejerk.

You know what fad makes me cry like that?  Bell-bottoms.  Flare pants are one thing, but bell-bottoms make me wail like baby Jesus does when people send out email spam during the holiday season. 


This is MY “global warming” Waterloo


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