December 24, 2007 – Huckablind?

NY Times:  Giuliani eating babies.  Says they need more salt.

 Ever since the “values voters” in Washington, DC, proclaimed GOP presidential contender, Mike Huckabee, the second coming of Christ himself, the liberal media keeps feeding us all this garbage about how OH YEAH MIKE HUCKABEE IS TOTALLY THE MAN!  Just look how FUNNY he is!

Someone told me the other day that they like Huckabee “because he’s funny”.  Seriously.  Well, that’s nice.  In that case, I recommend buying the Seinfeld DVD collection to get your hankering for some chuckles out of your system — and then taking a good, sober look at your presidential choices. 

Wake-up call to conservatives:  When the mainstream media is trying to hard-sell you Mike Huckabee, doesn’t it send up a big red flag in your brain?  Leaving aside the fact that Huckabee really hasn’t done anything of note aside from pray, raise taxes, and adopt shoddy positions like giving welfare to illegal immigrants — but on top of all this, the lib media is basically fellating him like Donald Trump does to himself during sweeps week.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is more or less putting a fork in Giuliani — forgetting that he’s focusing on the primary states with the big delegate numbers rather than on small, early contests like Iowa and New Hampshire.

 According to the article:

“Rudolph W. Giuliani has entered a turbulent period in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, marked by what his aides acknowledge are missteps, sharp shifts in strategy and evidence that reports about his personal life have hurt his national standing.”

I love how the people who can’t stand Rudy (like some of those who write for the NY Times) never stop manufacturing crises. 

And “reports about his personal life” are hurting his campaign?  I never understood why people look at candidates’ personal lives as criteria for the makings of a good politician. 

I want a guy in office who’s been dragged through the gutter and kicked around, because that’s how they learn how to streetfight.  And Giuliani is nothing if not a streetfighter.  Forget about guys like Romney and Huckabee who have spent their lives floating above the fray, have never really ruffled any feathers or learned how to fight.  I’ll take the one who can get down and dirty, thanks.

And if he eats babies, well that’s a bonus.  Because that’s the guy I want dealing with Islamic nutbars like Iran’s Ahmadinejad when Bush leaves office.


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