December 27, 2007 – BHUTTO DEAD: Muzzie Terrorist Enemy Number One


 Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan when Osama bin Laden paid millions of dollars to overthrow her government — and now she’s dead at the hands of the very Muslim terrorists she vowed to fight.  Shot and killed by a Muslim suicide bomber who shot her in the head and neck, then blew himself up and took a bunch of other Bhutto supporters (up to 20 of them) with him on his trip to see Allah.

Even when she returned to Pakistan from exile a few months ago, there was a bombing attempt on her life.  She’s an outspoken critic of radical Islam — and she paid the price.  Even former KGB polonium enthusiast, Russian Prez Vladimir Putin, is kind of blown away (no pun intended, as that would be in serious poor taste today) by the barbarism.

Exiled, harassed through the courts by her enemies, and now dead.  This is Pakistan’s 9/11.  Now the deal President Pervez Musharraf struck with the terrorists to stay in the north (Wazirisan) and make suicide bombing incursions into Afghanistan has proven that his way of “fighting terrorism” through negotiations and deals doesn’t work. 

This should be one hell of a wake-up call to new UK Prime Minster Gordon Brown, who has reportedly sent MI6 intelligence reps to “negotiate” with the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Newsflash:  This — what we’ve just witnessed today in Pakistan — is how Islamists do “democracy”. 

The biggest and scariest difference between Pakistan and Afghanistan, however, is that Pakistan has nukes.  That nutbar Ahmadinejad, who’s in the process of enriching uranium even as I write this, must be whizzing his man-jammies with giddiness right now, thinking of the shenannigans he could get up to and imagining the prospect of his own jihadist nuclear state — the kind of thing that Bhutto fought against, and has now paid for with her life.

If you don’t know her story, read it here.

UPDATE:  CNN has shown an email on-air from Bhutto, which was given to her US advisor, to be read/broadcast in the event of her death.  She has more or less named Musharraf and his cronies as her assassin.  If this is the case, it would certainly explain why he cuts deals with suicide bombers (thereby saving them from being killed by US and allied forces, while allowing them to make bombing incursions into Afghanistan from their Waziristan bases).  As I argued back in the summertime, this guy has been playing both sides of the fence of the middle for a long time.

How about we start from scratch and assume we really don’t have any Islamic allies in the War on Terrorism?  If this Musharraf involvement in the death of the most prominent anti-terrorist figure in Pakistan is proven legit, it ought to be a big wake-up call to the Bush admin to choose their allies more carefully.



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3 responses to “December 27, 2007 – BHUTTO DEAD: Muzzie Terrorist Enemy Number One

  1. infin81

    I can’t disagree with that logic. Musharraf has been playing both sides of the fence for as long as I can remember and all it has taken is the assassination of a respected political figure to make the world wake up and see that.

    As for Iran’s resident lunatic, maybe we should stop making Afghans and take a long hard look at some Persian Carpets (bombing). 🙂

  2. infin81

    These people are animals, plain and simple. Treat them as such. Unfortunately it is rather naive of me to assume that we can all live together in peace and harmony. Since we cannot, I guess it will just have to be peace through superior firepower. 🙂

  3. samcat55

    Bhutto’s savage and senless murder still does not detract the accusations thrown against her past regime of the corrupt administration she presided over in her last two terms. It hardly the equivalent to 9/11 which was 3000 dead as opposed to 21, where we all watched in horror while people leaped to their deaths on live television.

    The idea that Musharraf was behind her assassination is interesting as he has been the target of assassination himself several times in the past. No one can argue that the ineptness of his regime to protect political candidates or to aid the United States in the war on terror. It is a dangerous game he plays and we may well be reading about his assassination in the days to come.

    The assassination of Bhutto may start a true Civil War which only the terrorists may benefit.

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